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Edgar Allen Poe

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Edgar Allen Poe was many things to many people. A Poet extraordinaire, A Writer of Fiction, the world's first Mystery Writer, but to me he was inspiration itself. It was upon a chance encounter with one of his stories, The Gold Bug, at a very young age that I realized that something could be done with all the imaginary events that occurred in my mind everyday. That, in fact, they had value beyond my own personal amusement. I have read everything he ever wrote that I could find, I have been to his barrack at West Point, His House and Museum, and his Grave. In the end I honored him in a way that I hope he would have appreciated most of all. I wrote a poem in his honor.


Rise Entombed

Thy Beacon Moral

Cast aside thy Shameless Sorrow

Share your Wit

Like timeless Pharaoh

The Pit, The Pendulum, and the Sparrow

Subdue a passionless poisoned lot

Left void within thy Celestial Plot

As Pity cries out "Born Again!"

Rephrase thy Wisdom, Refrain thy Sin

Then Don your Feathered Windless Cloak

Thy Dagger pointed beyond reproach

And call this Satin Saint Lenore

And claim her beauty Evermore

And in your Churches Man your Steeples

To Warn the senseless passerby

Noose the Ropes and Hang the People

Who Fail to Heed the Battle Cry

The Cadence on the street is Beating

The Rhythm Rising, Falling, Pleading

The Tell Tale Heart is Freely Bleeding

And their like Vengeance lies the Word

The Bells Sounding out the Score

Pronounce the Judgement " Nevermore "

Christopher Brant

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