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Bluegrass Music, Blue Ridge Mountain Wine, White Mountain Whiskey, and Green Mountain Living!

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Growing up in Southwest Virginia I learned a great respect for tradition. Our Food, Our Habits, Our Music, Our Dialect and Our Customs made their way into the mountains of Appalachia with the very first Colonist-Explorers to arrive here, and not soon after, I am certain, the White Whiskey followed. I was born in Franklin County Virginia, The Moonshine Capital Of The World and have lived a lifetime entrenched in these values and traditions.

In time, I hope to share my experiences, my music, my recipes, and my insights as we explore the evolution of my little corner of Appalachia from past to present. Like all things Appalachian there will be lore, lies, truth, fact and fiction all muddled together into a patchwork of quiltlike confusion that, in the end, will offer both comfort and warmth to the Listener, the Reader, and the Foodie alike.

In my backyard there are Rabbits to rival WaterShip Down! This too is a part of living in Appalachia where, if fostered correctly, One can live with an abundance of nature all around you. Difficult to see in this picture but the top of the yard has a grouping of Mulberry Bush that the Wildlife simply cannot resist.

Deer also find the foliage and the seclusion of my backyard enticing. Unbeknownst to them I have two large picture windows that look out upon this area. I keep an exercise bike in front of these windows so that I can watch and admire the wildlife while working out.

This, of course, is the famous Redd. Redd is known throughout Appalachia as my rhythm section, backup vocals, security detail, and all around companion for so many many

years. As you can tell in this image he has a close eye on someone. Probably protecting my equipment.

This is Taylor named after the brand of Acoustic Guitar I prefer to play. As you can see she leaves all of the worries in the world to Redd and myself. She enjoys being very catty and likes a long slow ballad to help her sleep.

This is a Goshawk. He is the reason I had to quit feeding the song birds outside my window. He is a very successful Carnivorous Hunter and I simply couldn't watch the Titmouse and the Brown Wrens get snatched away any longer. Lately I only provide seed when it snows. Which is much less often in these days.

This is an obvious showdown! No I will not be using this box for shipping or anything else for that matter. It is now the personal and very private domain of one Taylor Brant. No Dogs, Cats, Humans, Aardvarks, Rabbits, Deer, or Birds Allowed!

Christopher Brant


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